Tell us your story!

Women in Ag is always looking for inspiring stories about women in agriculture worldwide.

Whether you are a farmer, a rancher, a saleswoman, an agricultural photographer or journalist, a scientist,… if your job is related to agriculture, we want to know your story!

We are currently looking for stories both for our magazine and for our website, more specifically:

  • Encounter: your story and the story of your farm, ranch or business.
  • Outsider: you are not a farmer or rancher, but you work in a field that is important for agriculture.
  • Hobby: what do you do outside of your agriculture-related job? Do you go tractorpulling on weekends, are you a rodeo queen, do you go race car driving or waterskiing,…? We want to know all about your second passion!

Do you have an interesting story to tell? Would you like to get featured in our magazine and/or our website? Do you have an good topic to suggest we had not thought of yet? Get in touch!


Women in Ag 2023-003

Autumn is here and with it a bright, crisp new issue of Women in Ag Magazine! This issue is taking us to Austria twice, where Antoon met with Angela Stöckl, who runs one of her country’s most innovative dairy farms with compost stables, and Marlene Neuwirth who is completely in her element this season since […]

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Book review: Hoofprints on the Land

How Traditional Herding and Grazing can Restore the Soil and bring Animal Agriculture back in Balance with the Earth By Ilse Köhler-Rollefson   When we think of livestock farming, we automatically think of cows. But animal husbandry goes much further. Not only sheep and goats belong to this branch of agriculture, but camels, yaks and […]

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Grief is a wave and a freight train

Erica Leniczek on how to deal with grief   “It doesn’t matter what you do, eventually you lose everyone in your life or they lose you.” The reality of that quote is that it’s true. Either everyone loses us or we lose everyone. We are set up with neurological processes to handle loss and grief […]

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