Book review

Book review: Hoofprints on the Land

How Traditional Herding and Grazing can Restore the Soil and bring Animal Agriculture back in Balance with the Earth By Ilse Köhler-Rollefson   When we think of livestock farming, we automatically think of cows. But animal husbandry goes much further. Not only sheep and goats belong to this branch of agriculture, but camels, yaks and […]

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Book review: The Reindeer Chronicles – And Other Inspiring Stories of Working with Nature to Heal the Earth

By Judith D. Schwartz   Some regions of the world bear wounds inflicted by disrespectful (agricultural) practices, often from times long gone. Cutting down forests to form pastures caused desertification, construction works along the seashore caused precipitation patterns to shift and monoculture sugar cane and fruit plantations destroyed entire landscapes. In “The Reindeer Chronicles”, writer […]

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Book review: The Soil Will Save Us – Kristin Ohlson

Women in Ag Magazine editor Antoon Vanderstraeten reviews a book about agriculture written by a female author for every issue.  Although “The soil will save us” by Kristin Ohlson is now almost 10 years old, the book is certainly not dated. The author, a farmers’ granddaughter, thoroughly studied carbon for several years, more specifically the […]

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