Moniek Wisse on combining agriculture and waterskiing

Moniek Wisse grew up on the family farm in Flevoland (Netherlands) and works in the agricultural sector. You could say that a large part of her daily life revolves around farming. However, Moniek also has a passion that has nothing to do with agriculture.

Moniek Wisse grew up in the agricultural sector and works in agriculture today. She has been working as an account manager Retail & Foodservice at Schaap Holland, PolderGoud potatoes and potato products for nine years now.

“It’s a great combination,” Moniek says about her work: “we grow potatoes, sell potatoes and cook potatoes. That way you know exactly what criteria your potatoes need to meet for the tastiest result.”

After hours Moniek is not to be found on the land, but in and around the water. Like many people in the industry, she has a passion next to her job, and it has nothing to do with agriculture. A true water rat, Moniek is out swimming, practising watersports or, her favourite, waterskiing as often as she can.

“The Veluwe Lake is close by here and it’s lovely to take a refreshing dip there at the end of the day,” she explains. “It’s quite a luxury that I grew up like this. Grandpa Wisse, who had discovered it long before me, showed me this perfect combination of work and hobby.”

Although Moniek is passionate about water skiing in particular, she practices it purely for relaxation. Her immediate surroundings are ideal for this sport, with a beautiful and spacious sailing area, ideal for speed, along the dike. All that is needed is a boat, a rope, water skis “and preferably good weather”.

Waterskiing runs in the family, because besides Moniek, her parents and sister also like to go on the water. The nice thing, for Moniek, is that it’s not time bound, so she can easily combine it with her work: “As soon as the work is done, I can just go. It’s awesome!”

“Do I have plans for my waterskiing activities this year? Enjoying every day of good weather I can and the Veluwe Lake and having fun with the people around me!

Moniek may not be a competitive athlete, but she likes a challenge and has been known to combine her work and her hobby on special occasions. When we ask if there is anything she would like to do or achieve in waterskiing, this is her answer:

“Yeah, good question. Who wants to challenge me? (laughs)”

“I do love a challenge! We usually water ski on the lake behind a boat, but if anyone ever suggests letting me water ski behind their vehicle I definitely want to give it a try! Just for fun, I have skied through the canal before… behind a tractor!”


About Moniek

Moniek Wisse (31) spent her youth on the family’s arable farm, specialising in the cultivation of consumption potatoes, sugar beet, onions (red and yellow) and wheat. After obtaining her Bachelor of Business Administration, Small Business & Retail at college, she went to work for PolderGoud, the quality brand of potato specialist Schaap Holland (Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands), and obtained a second degree in commercial management at EFMI Business School while already at work. Moniek is passionate about agriculture but also enjoys taking a refreshing dip in the Veluwe Lake nearby whenever she can.



This article appeared in Women in Ag Magazine 2021-01. Click here to read the magazine.


Text: Kim Schoukens

Pictures: Moniek Wisse

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