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Creating this magazine wasn’t cheap. For this first issue, we covered the costs, but to be able to continue this project, we need your help….

Crowdfunding is a nice way of telling us that our project is worth the time and effort. We have spend a lot of time finding women in agriculture worldwide, trying to get to know them to be able to tell their stories. We also went out looking, questioning, searching for those topics that are interesting both for the women in ag and those that aren’t active in the business in order to close the gap between the farms and cities. At this point, we are not generating an income with our magazine but as for everybody, the bills don’t stop coming in. In order to be able to make future issues of this digital magazine, you can help us by donating. Even the smallest donation helps us to continue our work!

If you’d like to help us continue making magazines, please consider donating to our GoFundMe page.

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