100 for WiA

Women play a vital role in agriculture, both historically and in the present day. They contribute significantly to the agricultural sector worldwide and their importance cannot be overstated.

With Women in Ag Magazine, our goal is to empower women in all the branches of agriculture worldwide by sharing positive, inspiring and informative stories from their colleagues from around the world. This includes stories straight from the farm, but also outsider stories of women who work in research, agronomics or mechanics and women linked to ag fairs worldwide. With these stories, we want to share knowledge and experiences in a positive way and inspire others.

Without shying away from opening the conversation about the equality and perception issues that come with being a woman in agriculture, Women in Ag chooses a constructive approach and wants to help bring about a positive change by showcasing the abilities and realisations of the women in our sector.

To continue this project, we need your help. We are looking for 100 companies worldwide that value the role of women in agriculture and want to support our editorial team financially. 100 companies who will each donate $500 so that we can continue collecting stories and inspiring more women in the industry to continue working on their own projects, whether that is a large-scale arable farm in Canada or a small-scale farm in Africa and everything in between.

Would you like to help us continue our work? Then contact us at 100forwia@womeninagmag.com