Mental health

Grief is a wave and a freight train

Erica Leniczek on how to deal with grief   “It doesn’t matter what you do, eventually you lose everyone in your life or they lose you.” The reality of that quote is that it’s true. Either everyone loses us or we lose everyone. We are set up with neurological processes to handle loss and grief […]

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Tools to deal with (seasonal) loneliness

A column on mental health by Erica Leniczek   First off, cheers to a New Year to everyone! Holidays are often a time where people gather with loved ones, celebrate, give, and eat lots of yummy foods. For some, however, the holiday season can be missing loved ones, lonely, and filled with financial stress, and […]

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“Women are often the ones trying to reach out for support”

Megz Reynolds, Executive Director Do More Agriculture Foundation, Ontario (Canada)   Last February, the Canadian foundation for the wellbeing of agriculturalists Do More Ag announced Megz Reynolds as its new Executive Director. For most people active on social media and interested in agriculture, Megz is a well-known agtivist working on awareness about and understanding of […]

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